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Andrews Cottage in Clarecastle was Runner up in Home of the Year 2016


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Andrew Hersey is an Independent Planning, Development & Environmental consultant based in County Clare

Andrew, the director of the company is a qualified town planner and a member of the Irish Planning Institute. Andrew has worked as a Planner in Clare County Council for 13 years and a further nine years in Wexford and Dublin in both the public and the private sector.

Andrew's cottage in Clarecastle was Runner Up in Home of the Year.

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Masters in Regional and Urban Planning

Certificate in Biodiversity and Conservation Management

Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment Management

Degree in Landscape Horticulture




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house Design | Planning Permission

Andrew’s cottage in Clarecastle was designed and renovated by Andrew and was runner up in Home of the Year 2015. Andrew has over 15 years working as a planner in various county councils around the country and has a deep knowledge of what planners strive for and what will be granted planning permission. .

Designing a home is very personnel journey but also very challenging in terms of coming up with the design initially and then getting planning permission for that design. Andrew experience means that he is able to guide clients through this process in a stress free manner.

During his time working as a planner in county councils he noticed that all the houses for which people applied for were all the same and very few were designed with the site in mind - they did not take advantage of views or orientation and quite often the house did not relate to its surroundings. The fundamental principal of planning is that new buildings should integrate into their surroundings be it rural landscape or in a town or village. Andrew’s experience means that he is able to guide the design process so as to ensure a successful planning application.

Andrew designs using 3D design software so that the client can easily visualise the finished product before any application is lodged.

Pre-Planning Service

The principal service offered is a pre-planning service. For instance if you want to build your dream house and you have found a site to build on, then I can visit the site and give advise on any planning hurdles that you will need to overcome. You can therefore potentially save thousands of euros on professional fees. This is the most popular service as it is sometimes difficult to seek a meeting with a planner from the local authority.

Advice can be also given on what type of development would be suitable for a particular site - this is referred to as Site Appraisal

Planning Applications

Preparing a planning application is a complex process  - there are numerous documents to lodge just to get an application validated and then once validated it is likely that more documents will need to be lodged throughout the process in order to get your  planning permission. There are many different types of planning permissions from extending your house to changing the use of a premises to building a new entrance or building a shed in your garden. Not all developments require planning permission and advice can be given in this regard.

Outline Planning Permission

An outline planning application is a planning process where the principal of a development is established before detailed drawings of the building are required. It is often the case where potential homebuilders spend thousands of euros preparing drawings for their dream house only to get refused permission and rarely it is on the basis of the design of the building. There is therefore great merit to the Outline Planning Application since you are not required to submit detailed drawings of the building along with the planning application and therefore you can save significantly on costs. I would recommend this type of planning permission where there is some uncertainty about whether permission would be granted or not. If outline permission is then granted then you apply for a 2nd stage planning permission referred to as permission consequent where the detailed drawings of the proposed building are submitted with the application. So long as you adhere to the planning conditions attached to the outline permission then the application cannot be refused.

Submissions and Objections

The other service offered is the preparation of submissions and objections against (or in support of) proposed developments. For instance many people become worried or concerned about a development (be it a neighboring house or block of apartments in their neighborhood that may affect them in terms of loss of light to their property or loss of privacy by way overlooking from the proposed development into their property). They go into the planning office to look at the drawings and details on file and become frustrated that they cannot understand what they are looking at and do not know how to go about objecting to the development.

As part of the service clients can be met on site where the development is proposed and the perceived impacts which may occur as a consequence of the proposed development explained.  An objection for lodging to the planning authority can be prepared if necessary. My general advice is that if there are any doubts about a proposed development then it is recommended that it is worth your while objecting.

If the planning authority then decides to grant the proposed development then the planning conditions can be explained to the client and advice given as to how these conditions would impact upon their property. . If the client is unhappy with the decision then there is the option to appeal the case to An Bord Pleanala - the higher planning authority.


In the case where the client does not agree with the decision of the planning authority whether a planning application has been granted or refused, there is the option to appeal the decision to An Bord Pleanala. My experience is that more often than not it is worth appealing a case to An Bord Pleanala.

I can prepare an appeal to An Bord Pleanala within the statutory timeframe (within 4 weeks of the decision of the Planning Authority). The preparation of an appeal comprises of meeting the client to discuss their concerns, visit the site on which planning permission has been granted or refused, assess the planning application, assess any other similar planning applications in the vicinity of the site, any other investigations as deemed necessary and finally prepare the written appeal for lodgement to An Bord Pleanala. 

Preparation of Natura Impact Statements and Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports

As part of the planning application process all developments within or adjacent to Natura 2000 sites (Special Areas of Conservation (SAC’s) and Special Protection Areas (SPA’s)) are required to go through what is referred to as Appropriate Assessment Screening. As part of your planning application you may be asked to submit a Appropriate Assessment Screening Statement.

Preparation of flood risk ASSESSMENT Reports

Andrew can prepare Flood Risk Assessment Reports in accordance with statutory guidance


Preparation of Town and Village Renewal Plans/Strategies

The unique combination of my design skills obtained as a Landscape Designer and my plan making skills obtained as a Town Planner have given me a the perfect skill set to prepare Town and Village Renewal Plans on behalf  of public authorities or on behalf of local communities. I have prepared plans for villages such as Ballymore Eustace is Kildare, and Clogherhead in Co. Louth. I have also designed and implemented visual improvement schemes for a significant number of villages in Co. Tipperary including Terryglass which has gone on the win several categories in the Tidy Towns competition including the overall winner of the competition (1997). 

other services

Section 5 Planning Applications - advice as to whether a particular development requires planning or not

Planning Searches

Advice on Planning Compliance

Preparation of responses to further information requests

Planning Enforcement Advice


“We went to Andrew on the recommendation of a friend after we had been badly let down by the designer of our plans during the planning permission application. The recommendation was the best that I’ve had. Andrew’s advice was accurate, he kept us incredibly well informed throughout the process ; was extremely easy to communicate with; and handled everything that the authority had thrown at us - it wasn’t a straightforward case - with assurance and what seemed like ease - though it was obvious how hard he worked. Our application was successful - something we put down entirely to his work. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services”

Catherine Casserley Barrister Cloisters Chambers London

“I engaged Andrew Hersey as my planning consultant in June 2018 for his advice on the refurbishment of an old cottage and the building of a new extension. Andrew's knowledge of the planning application process was a great asset. His commitment, professionalism and ability to correlate his suggestions and house plan ideas with mine made working together a pleasure . He was always contactable. Andrew took control of the planning application which was successfully approved. I would highly recommend Andrew as a designer and a planning consultant“

Martina Meskell, Parteen, Co. Clare

Andrew recently submitted a planning objection to An Bord Pleanála on our behalf. Before the submission Andrew explained the process very clearly to us, he answered any questions we had, he was very professional at every interaction we had with him. His turn around times and replies to our e-mails was very quick and professional. The quality of his work i.e. the written submission to An Bord Pleanála was superb and professionally presented to the board.
An Bord Pleanála overturned the “Local Planning Decision” and I believe it was because of the excellent submission presented by Andrew that they reached their decision.
I honestly can’t recommend Andrew highly enough, his support to us during this process was exceptional and nothing seemed too much trouble for him.
A Very Satisfied Customer

Noel Holohan, Roscommon